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Welcome to the official site for the Segugio Italiano Club of America, the national breed club for the Segugio Italiano.  We promote the breeding of quality hounds in the pursuit of breed perfection, and encourage members and breeders to accept the breed standard as the standard of excellence by which all Segugio Italiano must be judged.  We act as stewards in the interest of the breed and encourage good sportsmanship from all within the canine community.


The Segugio Italiano, also known as the SEGIT (pronounced: see get) or simply the Italian, is an ancient breed thought to have descended from Egyptian hounds who found their way to the many city states that make up today’s Italy.  It is a scenthound originally used for wild boar dating back to Italy’s pre-Roman era.  Similar dogs have been depicted in statues of “Diana Hunter” and “Diana Scoccante L’arco” located in the Museum of Naples and the Vatican Museum respectively.  Remains of dogs identical to these hounds were discovered in the province of Verona, and a painting dating back to 1600 in the Borso d’Este castle shows a hound identical to the Italian hound.  Though their exact origins remain shrouded in mystery, these artifacts serve as evidence to the hound’s long and pervasive history in the region.  After the decline of wild boar in the Italian countryside, the Segit like many similar hunting dogs saw a decline in popularity.  Many dog breeds faced extinction.  Thanks to the efforts of dedicated houndsmen and the resilience of the breed, this native son of Italy is now one of the most popular dogs in Italy.  Today Segits are seen most often hunting rabbits and other small game.  This robust medium sized hound can be run both solo or in packs, rarely tracking unintended game.   It has been used not only to track but to track and kill its quarry.  Known for its powerful nose and “steel legs” this dog can work in any terrain with speed and accuracy for hours on end.


Despite the breeds hunting tenacity, it makes for an outstanding companion.  Its willing nature, intelligence, gentle and docile demeanor make it ideal for people of all ages.  The Segit is adapt to any living situation provided it has enough mental and physical exercise.  The breed is neither aggressive nor shy and works diligently as an eager pet to conform to the needs of its owner. The dog comes in two coat types, the pelo raso (short-hair) and pelo forte (wire-hair).  Within those coat types you will find the Segit to be either fawn or black & tan with very little white visible on the coat.  Both coat varieties shed, but minimally.

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