Code of Ethics

The Segugio Italiano Club of America (SICOA) is a non-profit organization focused on improving the health of the breed and furthering its hunting instincts. Any and all actions of the SICOA are based upon one simple, profound criteria: Will the action be in the best interest of the breed? The founding members of SICOA are all invested in improving the breeding practices of Segits to develop healthier, better hunting hounds.  Each member of the SICOA attests to the following CODE OF ETHICS:



I am familiar with, and follow, American Kennel Club requirements. I will keep accurate records, and retain those records for the minimum required time period. These records will include: stud service contracts, pedigrees, all litters produced and all dogs/puppies sold. I will use the Breeders Record that the registry provides me or other written documentation to maintain these records.



  • I shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of improving the breed. Both sire and dam shall be free from known health defects.


  • I will only breed dogs and bitches with sound and pleasing character. Spaying or neutering any dog with poor temperament. In keeping with the clubs philosophy that once the hunt and show is over the dogs’ “living” is made through his abilities as a pet. Therefore for the dog/breeds safety the first priority of the breeder is to breed a dog with lovely character.


  • I will select the stud dog and brood bitch with an eye to conformation AND working instinct and ability, with a careful study of the breed standard and the principles of genetics.


  • Before entering into any breeding arrangement, I will scrutinize the pedigree, conformation, and working potential of both the sire and the dam, keeping in mind the ideal of the breed. I have an obligation to refuse the breeding if, in my opinion, it is not in the best interest of the breed.


  • As a responsible stud dog owner, I understand that should I refuse a breeding, I will fully explain my reasons to the owner of the bitch.


  • As a responsible breeder, I will refrain from using a dog that, although free from serious or disqualifying defects, consistently produces afflicted puppies.


  • I will encourage the buyers of puppies meant to be pets to spay or neuter them, providing only limited registration.



I will maintain high standards of health and care for my dogs and guarantee the health of my puppies at the time of sale with a hereditary health clause for a period not less than two years.



  • I will be discriminating in the sales of my puppies and concerned with the type of homes in which they are placed. My dogs/puppies will not be sold to dog wholesalers or retailers. I will transfer all applicable registration papers at the time the purchase agreement is completed and is agreeable to both parties.


  • Upon the sale of a dog/puppy, I will provide the buyer with a properly executed American Kennel Club/UKC Registration Certificate or photocopy if co-owned, a diet record, an inoculation and parasite control record, a puppy packet that includes info about the breed along with basic K-9 care and health guarantee. I will refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least seven (7) weeks old, or eight (8)weeks old if the puppy is to be shipped.


  • For the protection of each dog I breed, I will include in all sales contracts a no shelter clause and a right to buy back clause. The animal should be returned to the breeder in the event the owner is no longer able to care for it. If the animal is to be sold the breeder should be made aware so they have the opportunity to buy the animal back or help with relocation. I will provide that same courtesy for any dog I purchase. If I am unable to keep the dog and the breeder is unable or unwilling to house the animals, I will contact SICOA to help rescue the dog.


  • I will provide support for each animal sold, for the life of the animal.


  • I will sell breeding prospects to knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced persons or are willing to help educate and guide novices. I will share upon purchase any information on my dogs and bloodlines that will affect the care and breeding of the animals, to include but not limited to mothering issues, milking issues, arthritis, infrequent heats, male infertility by age five etc.


  • I will not sell, supply, donate, or surrender any dog for which they are responsible to a pet shop, raffle, catalog house, wholesale dealer, puppy mill, for profit or laboratory. They should have reasonable assurance that each person receiving a dog will provide a home with appropriate shelter, restraint, control, and responsible dietary and veterinary care.


  • I will participate and/or cooperate in research studies into heritable defects affecting the Segugio Italiano.




My advertising of dogs/puppies will be factual and honest, both in substance and implication. Membership shall not be used as a selling point. If the topic comes up, type of membership must be specified.


Exhibitor/ Breeder Relations

I understand that exhibiting dogs is a sport, and that I am expected to express good sportsmanship in all activities. As an exhibitor, I will refrain from unnecessary criticism of other people‘s dogs. As a matter of ethics, I pledge to help educate the general public as well as to assist the novice breeder.



The Code of Ethics and Breeder Guidelines are intended as suggestions and goals for responsible breeders, exhibitors, and fanciers. Irresponsible breeding practices and disregard for the Code of Ethics and Breeder Guidelines may result in suspension or the barring of members/persons from SICOA.


Breeders are expected to police themselves in a civil and responsible manner.