Thanks to the efforts of numerous people from around the world, the Segugio Italiano is now a member of the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Services program. Please go to AKC’s website and download the FSS registration application to begin registering your dogs.

The American Kennel Club is the world recognized dog registry for our country.  When we send our puppies, champions and semen abroad, the off spring cannot be registered.  The houndsmen cannot participate in many of that country’s competitions.  For that reason it’s important that we register our dogs with the AKC, participate in the FSS and run a breed club built to safe guard the best interests of the breed.  To that end we have formed two oversight committees, the Segugio Italiano Health & Welfare Committee and the Segugio Italiano Field Trial Association.  The Segugio Italiano Health & Welfare Committee (SEGIT HWC) is dedicated to the exhibition of the breed as well as overseeing health issues, companion Segits, and membership.  The Segugio Italiano Field Trial Association (SEGIT FTA) is responsible for maintaining the working ability of the breed.  This entails but is not limited to competitions similar to SPO, LPO, PPO, and Brace.

Both the HWC and FTA are responsible for the breed standard and breeder code of ethics.   This system ensures the preservation of the breed for the purpose for which it was bred, free from exaggerations and health defects.  Exhibitors, unbeknownst to most hunters, want their dogs to be able to hunt and work as they were meant to.  By merging the best practices of exhibitors and hunters, we bring hybrid vigor to the unique position of being able to not only shape the breed in America but to protect it from puppy mills and poor breeding.

Please register any Segits you have. Those Segits with only UKC registration that are unable to register parents and litters with AKC to bring registration current, we will be inquiring about the UKC Italian Hounds soon as well as Segits from Canada and Mexico, who are currently not registerable in those countries.