To make things easier for perspective Segit owners, we have made contact with kennels all over the world to ensure they are willing to sell to you.  As you may know, some kennels don’t like to ship puppies.  They are aware you may not speak their native language.  Please contact them via email using .  They are expecting it.  Make certain you use clear and simple sentences.  We ask that you contact them when you are making a serious inquiry.  If you are only curious, please contact the breed clubs instead.


As with any breeding program, bloodlines are something to consider.  Make sure you pick a bloodline that suits you and use proper breeding techniques.  Crossing bloodlines without proper research or a viable plan will end in disaster.  The puppies will be no good for showing or hunting.  If you are a novice, we recommend getting a mentor specific to your interest.  Breeding techniques can vary drastically between hunting dogs and show dogs.

When you make contact you may be expected to fly into that country, in which case you may pay cash for your import. Make sure you call the airport ahead of time to book the dogs on the flight.  If the dog/puppy is being shipped a bank to bank wire transfer is customary.  You MAY be required to pay customs when the dog arrives.  Don’t forget your passport when flying and remember Euro are not dollars.  You’ll have to check the exchange rate.  As always use caution, this listing is a courtesy listing to make your import experience easier.    Segit breeders can also be found on the ENCI website, similar to the AKC marketplace when they have puppies available.  However, they may or may not do business with you, which is why we have made contact first, to simplify the process.  Regardless, we expect you to use your best judgement.  We are not responsible for these breeders.

As you import, please keep in touch with the club so we can keep track of the bloodlines in this country.  Homogeneity is an enemy of the purebred dog.  The gene pool in America will become small and our dogs will become sick if there are too many imports of the same bloodline.  Please get involved and stay involved with the breed club.  Full membership takes about two years, but involvement is immediate.

The word segugio/segugi means hound/hounds.  When you make contact with Italy, make sure you say specify that you want an Italian hound (a Segugio Italiano), otherwise you may end up with a Beagle or Segugio Maremmano.  We don’t call Segits segugi for that reason.  A segugi could be any hound.


Shipping can cost anywhere from $800-1000 when the dog travels as cargo on a plane.  Cargo means the dog is unescorted.  If you are flying in to pick up your dog you can expect to pay from $75-200 for the dog’s “plane ticket”.  Make sure to call, price check and book the pets flight in advance.  Call the airline to ensure pet travel is allowed and there are no weather restrictions.  There was a recent change in health certificate requirements for importing, make sure to check with your airline and your vet prior to booking your flight.  Here is the latest on shipping:


(Lists will be updated as responses come in. Special thanks to Antonio Falco for his assistance in helping us find breeders.)

American Breeders



Master of Hounds Inc, since 1991. (2 Available)

No other known breeders


Italian Breeders



Cani Caccia


Montemitra Segugi

Pino Ponessa

Carmine Fuginzo



ALLEVAMENTO DELLA FAMIGLIA MARGIAN di Marco e Gianmarco Rossi (Arezzo, Tuscany, ITALY) (website out of date, breeder prefers facebook)





Pro Segugio   (NOTE: this is not the only club in Italy)


Finnish Breeders





Greek Breeders



Dimitri Segugi  (SEE:  under Italy)